Pooling of equipment for event organisers

This digital platform dedicated to the pooling of event equipment was created by a specialist in logistics and operational management. They are located near Lyon, and supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Calling all event organisers in Lyon – sign up and optimise an important facet of your event while reducing your environmental impact!

Last updated date : 05/08/2021

How does it work?

Once your organisation is signed up, all exchanges between professionals take place on the digital platform using a points system (called “Bigs”), which reflect the value of each piece of equipment made available on the platform.

The "Poolers" have two ways of obtaining points: either by lending their equipment (making equipment available to other organisations will grant points), or by participating in a collective purchase. The latter allows you to borrow equipment equivalent to the amount invested.

How to trade equipment with other organisations?

If you are interested, all you need to do is sign up on the CAGIBIG platform and upload the equipment that you wish to share. The team then estimates the amount you will receive for each use. Only you can approve reservation requests for your equipment and receive a value in “Bigs” for each use.

How to participate in collective purchases?

Once signed up, companies can also participate in the financing of collective purchases of pooled equipment. CAGIBIG then estimates the amount you will receive each time your equipment is used, relative to your contribution. You can also borrow equipment from other participating organisations thanks to your points.

By going through Cagibig, not only do you reduce your costs, but you collectively invest in high-quality equipment. By sharing with other professionals, you optimise its use as part while committing to a sustainable consumption approach.

Numerous event organisers in Lyon are already on the platform. Don’t miss out!





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