In order to promote the holding of large association conferences, the Convention Bureau has, with its hotel partners, designed a system to facilitate the pre-booking and purchase of hotel rooms.

Last updated date : 18/09/2018

The Hotel Charter exclusively concerns any new event:
•    organised by not for profit organisations (learned societies, federations, professional associations, etc.)
•    with more than 1000 overnight stays for one night minimum
•    Involving bookings with several hotels
•    with more than 2 years to go to the event 

The Hotel Charter applies solely to conferences* supported by the Convention Bureau during the filing of the application, and on the occasion of which the applicable detailed conditions of the charter have been listed in the application (sometimes 4 years before the conference).

Who are the partners of this charter?  

•    63 hotels and apartment hotels 
•    24 three-star establishments
•    29 four-star establishments
•    2 five-star establishments
•    8 apartment hotels
Representing a total of 3,802 rooms.

What are the undertakings made by hotels signing the charter? 

•    Harmonisation of terms and conditions of sale 
•    A personalised welcome for guests
•    More flexible payment and cancellation terms
•    Rooms also available for individual bookings

You can find full details about the hotel charter here:


*A conference is an event: 
-begun on the initiative of one or several scientific or technical bodies,
-with the financial participation of the conference delegates,
-during which participants from different backgrounds get together at a fixed time and place,
-which has high added educational value,
-whose aim is the dissemination and exchange of knowledge as well as the comparison of experiences on a given theme between specialists who share a same discipline
-at a generally regular frequency

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