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Last updated date : 23/08/2022

Lyon, urban and contempory

The Confluence district

The most ambitious urban redevelopment plan in Europe in terms of surface area. It will only be fully completed in 2025, but the district has already undergone massive change.  Organisations, major companies, high-end accommodation around the nautical square, restaurants, Novotel hotel, a shopping and leisure centre, and redeveloped former industrial sites now occupy the urban landscape, which is serviced by a tramway link. The end result is bold and ultra-contemporary, involving the work of internationally renowned architects. Lastly, on the banks of the river Saône, the former docks are home to La Sucrière, an exceptional exhibition area.

The musée des Confluences, a monumental and emblematic building is the new cultural centre in Lyon. There are numerous options for the layout of events. In addition to the museum’s collections and cabinets of curiosities, there are numerous options for the layout and organisation of events.

H7, an icon centre of French Tech in Lyon connects startups with the world of the real economy in order to speed up their growth in France and on the international stage. A  federative hub of Lyon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, H7 offers a 3000 m² working space, including private offices, open-plan spaces and meeting rooms. Nearly 70 startups will
eventually move into the venue, which is also home to support providers, digital companies and institutions. There is also a 1,000 m² modular nave for the hosting of events and a food court open to all.

The Part-Dieu district

The Incity Tower stands in the Part-Dieu district, close to the famous “Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse”. The tower has become the new reference point on Lyon's skyline with its 200m height. Incity is also a socially and environmentally responsible tower, aimed at sustainability and long-term economic performance (objectives: HQE approach/ Certivéa THPE label / A very low-energy and CO2 responsible tower).

The transformation of Part-Dieu rail station, which is set to be completed in 2023, will double its surface area, placing it in the heart of an enhanced multi-modal hub. A new entrance to the south, a new railway, and new shops and services should increase the passenger capacity of this modern European station, which already stands at 120,000, by a further 100,000 passengers.

Grand Hôtel-Dieu: a bold project

Covering a surface area of 2.2 hectares, the conversion of the Grand Hôtel-Dieu site was coming to a close with the opening of the five-star InterContinental hotel. Following three  years of works and 40,000 m² of renovated buildings, the site now has 11,500 m² of new constructions, 8000 m² of courtyards and gardens, numerous shops and restaurants, as
well as office space and accommodation.

A 1500 m² convention centre, with a seated capacity of 500, offers another venue option right in the city centre.

Grand Hôtel-Dieu, façade côté Rhône © Vincent Ramet

Lyon, river city of confluence

Lyon is at the confluence of 2 rivers, the Rhône and the Saône, and has 29 bridges and footbridges! During the day and at night, the rivers bring a special, gentle atmosphere to the Lyon riverbanks.

The banks of the Rhône

  • 5 km developped
  • 10 hectares open space
  • 8 landscape sequences
  • 1 skate park

The banks of the Rhône, which connect the Parc de la Tête d’Or to the Parc de Gerland, have been transformed into a 5km “green lane”. Along the river, there are play areas, a  botanical trail, a safe cycling lane, roller skates, promenades and wooden piers, with terraces and riverboat restaurants. They offer a real alternative to motorised transport.

The banks of the Saône

  • 50 km drom Val-de-Saône to Confluence
  • 15 km walkways
  • 9 sections of developement
  • 23 works of art

The aim of this ambitious project is to reclaim almost 50km of river banks (25km on each bank). This new development reveals a strikingly varied landscape. 
“Les Rives” project offers a 15km trail along the river, punctuated by works of art. The various points of interest can be reached by vaporetto.


Boats are an alternative way for visitors to explore the city, either along the Saône, to L’île Barbe, or along the Rhône, passing by the confluence. It is also accessible by barges,  yachts, and cruise ships that can be hired for private events.
Boats can also be used to transfer people between various sites in the city that have piers: conference centre, peninsula hotels, etc.

Croisière promenade sur la Saône avec les Bateaux Lyonnais
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