Partners that are committed to help you reduce the impact of your events

Would you like to organise events that are more responsible? Have a look at the list of service providers who are members of the Lyon Convention Bureau and who have chosen to commit to an approach that respects the environment and the people involved.

Last updated date : 11/09/2023

Event Venues


Lyon Events (Eurexpo, Convention Centre, Matmut Stadium and La Sucrière)

A responsible actor in the events sector, the group GL events has applied a sustainable development policy for a number of years, in particular through the deployment of a programme of actions known as ‘Think Green’ and the establishment of a Code of Ethics and Practices, which encourages a responsible attitude to the environment. With this in mind, GL events Venues and Lyon for events*, specialised in event venue management, are committed to an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system, with the aim of satisfying the expectations and needs of stakeholders, limiting environmental impacts and avoiding pollution risks, ensuring the compliance of sites within a demanding regulatory framework, and satisfying increasingly demanding international clients in the choice of event venues. Integrated in the operational management of sites in France and Lyon, this continuous improvement approach is based on four major challenges: controlling building energy consumption, managing waste produced during events, optimising building water consumption and reducing CO2 emissions related to our activities.

Château de Montchat

This establishment acts to promote sustainable development: use of energy saving or LED light bulbs, selective retrieval of household waste, water-saving toilet flushes, particular attention to window and roof insulation, use of electricity rather than fossil fuels (heating provided by a high-efficiency heat pump), maintenance of wooded grounds, recycling of organic waste and use of natural pesticides.
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These two entrepreneurial sisters are supported by an energetic, friendly team, committed to reducing the environmental footprint of events. Hosting more than 120 events per year and welcoming more than 40,000 participants with a smile, L’Embarcadère is an essential environmentally responsible actor. Because events meet the social needs of gathering, communicating and creating, we firmly believe that they are an excellent way to raise awareness about environmental issues. This challenge must be met and L’Embarcadère is committed to protecting the planet by creating a low-impact event together with you. Our solutions are applied at every stage of your event, from preparations through to closing. We can help limit your environmental footprint, beginning with transport. Adopt a sustainable approach, favouring natural lighting, by welcoming your guests in a secluded natural setting in the heart of Lyon
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Opéra National de Lyon

The foundations of the Lyon Opera House’s societal responsibility were laid as early as 2003, with the idea of an opera house that shares art and culture with all sections of society. Since then, the Lyon Opera House has become a centre of artistic resources for all, sharing its know-how with a wide audience, including socially, geographically and economically disadvantaged citizens, youth and companies. As a cultural institution, the Lyon Opera House seeks to be exemplary and contribute to the sustainable development of its city, its region and beyond. For more than 10 years, it has focused in particular on integrating sustainable development in the performance of its missions and the application of its values. Following a carbon assessment in 2009, it introduced an energy efficiency optimisation action and, as of 2013, it conducted studies to promote the eco-design of scenery built in its workshops, in particular in relation to cardboard use. During corporate events, the Lyon Opera House’s sustainable development approach is expressed in its catering, which favours the use of seasonal and local produce, prepared on-site
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