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The Lyon Metropole has witnessed the creation of many new innovations in this area. We invite you to discover them, and perhaps even contact them.

Last updated date : 05/08/2021

 Com’Nous, a tool to understand and to be understood 

Created by PAIPS, a Social and Solidarity Economy company located in Villeurbanne, this application promotes the recruitment and inclusion of people with speech impairments within event organising teams. This digital tool allows individuals with speech difficulties to facilitate their understanding and their exchanges with the on-site teams

Services offered by Paips for events:  

  • Guidance for managers and teams in the configuration of the application beforehand for all the tasks to be carried out (organisation, animation of stands, etc.). 
  • Raising awareness among employees and the event team. 
  • The availability of the application throughout the event to enable people with impairments to find information and communicate quickly and easily.

With the COM’NOUS application, exchanges and staying in contact becomes much easier, no matter the cognitive capacities of the individual. It is therefore destined to all companies that want to include people with disabilities in their team. For more information, visit

Inclusiv’Events trains and raises awareness among professionals in the event industry

This organisation offers advice and training to event organisers and their service providers in order to optimise accessibility for people with disabilities.
Inclusiv’Events coordinates the handicap volunteer team at the Jazz à Vienne Festival and also works with the Woodstower Festival and other cultural entities such as the Renaissance Theatre. If you would like to set up this type of reception for your event, do not hesitate to contact them. They also carry out awareness-raising activities for organisations such as companies, local authorities or training centres.

CauMobility, universal accessibility pathways 

Initiated by Inclusiv’Events, the CauMobility solution consists of a removable flexible floor made with flexible and resistant material that seamlessly adapts to surfaces. It allows to make temporary events accessible to the blind and visually impaired, and to people with reduced mobility
Winner of the 2019 Innovation Awards, CauMobility was founded next to Lyon, in Villeurbanne, by the La MIETE cultural association teams and AMAAC-Access’Festival, in collaboration with the You Factory FabLab. 
By choosing this easy-to-install solution for your event, you play an active role in making it more accessible to a greater number of people. Don’t hesitate to contact them for more information.

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