Partners that are committed to help you reduce the impact of your events

Would you like to organise events that are more responsible? Have a look at the list of service providers who are members of the Lyon Convention Bureau and who have chosen to commit to an approach that respects the environment and the people involved.

Last updated date : 05/08/2021

MCI France

As the first events planning agency to sign the UN’s Global Compact, in 2007, MCI Group is a pioneer in the production of environmentally responsible events. MCI Group is one of the first firms to have created a Sustainable Development Consultancy Unit. At MCI France, in addition to charity initiatives actively supported by colleagues (such as ‘Restos du Cœur’ and ‘Papillons Blancs’), the 300 conventions and events managed each year are subject to an environmentally responsible approach, in terms of the teams’ day-to-day management and proposals made, from simple initiatives to highly engaged schemes.  For example, a partnership with the NGO Bibliothèques sans Frontières, based on the principle “one conference participant = one book”, helps supply SAMU Social emergency services, refugee camps and emergency accommodation centres, a partnership with UNICEF for cloakroom management makes it possible to fund the purchase of thousands of vaccinations against polio and save children by buying high-protein foods, and a partnership with PHENIX enables the reuse of food and non-food products. Let’s continue to make event planning an exemplary sector in the service of the public interest! 

Live! By GL events

An engaged event planning agency! We assist you in the organisation of environmentally responsible events and include your environmental, social and societal challenges through a global CSR approach integrated in the management of your events. From the design of your events communication strategy to waste management and redistribution of food, in compliance with food safety regulations, our project teams meet your needs and provide assistance at each stage in the design of your environmentally responsible event. With live!byGLevents: Think Green! Think Local! Think People! 

Hopscotch congres/Sagarmatha

As part of its CSR strategy, Hopscotch GROUP is implementing 8 of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including :

  • Goal 12: Establish sustainable consumption and production practices.  
    Sustainable consumption and production aims to do “more and better with less”. For Hopscotch GROUP, the priority is “Zero waste” for all events. An exhaustive waste sorting programme is in place for head office activities.
  • Goal 13: Measures to combat climate change
    Hopscotch has committed itself to limit its impact and its greenhouse gas emissions, and has set up a Travel Policy in order to monitor its travel and limit its impact. Hopscotch is also an accredited expert of the GCI (Global Climate Initiatives), a tool to calculate your carbon footprint which it offers to its customers.

HOPSCOTCH also holds certifications and labels, including: 

  • EcoVadis, for which Hopscotch group obtained a score of 69/100 in 2020 for its global CSR strategy. The score is determined by the Group’s actions and results in terms of environmental and social policy, and also concerns the implementation of initiatives for responsible purchasing, ethics and human rights.
  • The LUCIE label, awarded to the Sagarmatha agency for the first in 2008. Sagarmatha has maintained its commitment to sustainable development for almost 12 years. Following the last audit on 16 December 2019, the label was granted on 27 February 2020 for 36 months. A mid-course assessment will be carried out by Bureau Veritas Certification concerning the implementation of the progress commitments.
  • ISO 20121 standard: for more than 10 years, Hopscotch Group has been committed to the eco-design of its events. Since 2011, 12 events have been ISO 20121 certified.

Serge Magner Traiteur

For the last 15 years, Serge Magner Evénements, member of the Traiteurs de France catering network, has focused its expertise and know-how in the event sector of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.
Serge Magner Traiteur is ISO 20121 certified since 2017. The ISO20121 standard is the only international standard linked to the event industry, setting standards for sustainable development management within the company CSR policies.

Serge Magner is particularly committed to sourcing from local suppliers, respecting the seasonality of products and the cold chain. The catering service also offers options for those with specific diets (vegetarian, vegan, etc.). 

Serge Magner is also committed to 
•    Responsible purchasing
•    The reduction of food waste: signatory of the national pact for the fight against food waste in 2015.  
•    Waste management:  Prior to events: reduction, sorting and reuse of waste in the production laboratory / During events : Serge Magner is committed to reducing waste with a zero-plastic goal / After events: recovery of biowaste through vermicomposting with TERRESTRIS
Finally, Serge Magner is committed to the social component of its company, an initiative that is also reflected outside the company. 

Cars Philibert

Energy consumption, CO2 emissions, vehicle maintenance waste and wastewater discharges are the main challenges for CARS PHLIBERT’s activities. But environmental friendliness is only part of the company’s project, and is included within a wider ambition of excellence and social responsibility. As such, Cars Philibert is a signatory of the Diversity Charter promoting inclusion and equal opportunities.
In order to qualify and quantify their approach, they had their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) rated by EcoVadis. This assessment takes into account company practices in terms of the Environment, Social Issues, Safety, Business Ethics and Responsible Purchasing. Following this assessment, CARS PHILIBERT was given an overall score of 53/100, earning them a “silver medal”. 

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