You too can take part in collecting waste

In addition to being highly polluting, cigarette butts are toxic and dangerous. A local project named ‘Cy-Clope’ can help you with the management of this waste by installing outdoor ashtrays in companies, at tourist sites and even temporarily for events.

Last updated date : 07/09/2021

Cy-Clope’s CSR approach:

The Cy-Clope project was initiated in Lyon in 2013, based on an idea by its two co-founders, who wanted to reduce the number of butts discarded on the ground, by creating outdoor ashtrays specially designed to collect them. Made in France, using recycled and fully personalisable materials, their “Cy-Clopeurs” can hold up to 10,000 cigarette butts.

Once emptied, the butts collected are fully recycled through energy recovery. Mixed with other hazardous products, such as motor oils and paints, they are used to make a fuel substitute powder, which is used in the cement industry for example. They are collected via short supply chains and processed by a network of local partners, in collaboration with social economy actors, in order to reduce transport requirements.

Did you know?

Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable waste that can take up to twelve years to decompose, causing soil and water pollution in the process.

While it is forbidden to litter public spaces with cigarette butts in France, an offence punishable by a €65 fine, a large proportion of the 30,000 cigarette butts produced annually on average by employees in French companies are discarded on the ground, ultimately ending up in the oceans.

By equipping your organisation with ashtrays specially designed to collect them, you are encouraging smokers to act responsibly!

Would you like to install Cy-Clopeur ashtrays?

The cost of the service depends on the number of ashtrays, the range chosen and how often the cigarette butts are collected. Don’t hesitate to contact them to find out more.

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