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Thierry Dauxois, directeur du laboratoire de physique à l’ENS de Lyon

Statistical physics in the limelight in Lyon

Thierry DAUXOIS, director of the physics laboratory at the ENS in Lyon.

Statphys, the major international statistical physics conference, will be held at the Cité des Congrès in Lyon from the 17th to the 22nd July 2016. 

Close to 1,500 participants are expected to attend this event of international scale. 

What can we expect during Statphys 2016? 

This is the largest statistical physics conference in the world! During one week, the greatest specialists in the field will be talking about their work on a whole host of topics.Statistical physicscover a wide range of subjects: the idea is to use the law of large numbers to describe the physics of matter (from stars to moss) with applications on themes as diverse as biophysics, economy, and social systems… Our laboratory for example, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, has developed software that uses statistical physics to find the ideal location for a new bicycle store or bookshop!

How did you manage to bring the event to Lyon?

The Convention Bureau  was at the origin of our application. We worked with them on a file in 2012, in which we highlighted the quality of our scientific work, as well as the attractive features of the city and its tourist infrastructures. Following the submission of this file, we were invited to attend an oral examination in Seoul in 2013, and we won the right to host the congress, in front of Barcelona and Edinburg!

What are Lyon’s assets when it comes to organizing a scientific congress? 

Apart from the quality and reputation of its higher education and research, Lyon boasts a very attractive infrastructure thanks to its  Cité Internationale ! It has very comfortable and well-equipped rooms, is easily accessible and within close proximity of   Tête d’Or park , and is therefore a real asset for the city. Tourism is also an issue, as scientists like to make the most of congresses to discover new locations. And the cherry on the cake is the fact that Lyon boasts some great food, which is always a winning point among scientists!

What knock-on effects are you expecting for Lyon during the event?

At scientific level, being next on the list after Seoul, Australia and Cancun is a huge opportunity for our laboratory and the entire scientific community working on the site in Lyon. And the event is expected to attract 1,500 international tourists throughout the week! This is our opportunity to show how dynamic and lovely our city is to the whole world.


His Lyonnais favourites 

Where's the best place to enjoy an andouillette and a quenelle?
Aux Retrouvailles, a very friendly restaurant in the old part of Lyon. 

Where's the best place to meet "real" Lyonnais people?
On the terraces of Gerland stadium!

Where's the best place to party?
At the  Lumière movie festival . 

Where's the best place for a romantic stroll?
The lanes overlooking Vaugneray, a pretty little town in the hills surrounding Lyon.

Where's the best place to buy a souvenir of Lyon?
Some addresses in the old part of Lyon are famous worldwide: I shook hands with Bill Clinton here during the G7 in 1996!

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