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Musée Jean Couty, vue de nuit © Le Hub de l'Ile Barbe
Dîner de gala au Groupama Stadium © Point S
Musée Jean Couty, vue de nuit © © Le Hub de l'Ile Barbe
Dîner de gala au Groupama Stadium © © Point S

Tried and tested

Only in Lyon

« Tried and tested » introduces readers to new event venues with a focus on both their technical features and unique personalities, with successful client experiences.

Musée Jean Couty

At Hub de l’Ile Barbe

Located next to Île Barbe, alongside the river Saône, Musée Jean Couty (Lyon-based painter, 1907-1991) opened to the general public on the 18th of March and is also a venue for corporate events.

With its contemporary look, the museum completely won over Mr Philippe Maisonneuve as a venue for the Caisse de Crédit Mutuel’s General Assembly: “We were looking for somewhere new, offering easy access and sufficient capacity to welcome all of our members.”

Not only did the venue meet all of the specifications, it also offered an artistic dimension.

Mr Maisonneuve was able to offer his guests an exclusive opportunity to discover more than 200 of Jean Couty’s masterpieces (including paintings, pastel works and drawings).

After browsing the art works on display at their leisure, guests attended a plenary session held in the museum’s function room, which was followed by a cocktail dinner in the estate’s vaulted-ceiling rooms.

Mr Maisonneuve was full of praise for this successful evening in an exceptional venue: “It was very well organised and everybody who attended was very satisfied. The originality and quality of the venue were shown in their best light.”

Interview with Philippe Maisonneuve
Director of Crédit Mutuel Lyon Maréchal Lyautey

Le Hub de l’Ile Barbe
Rooms of the estate: 120 people for a seated dinner and 200 for a cocktail party
Musée J. Couty function room: 180 people for a plenary session
Outdoor events can also be held on the hanging terraces (100 people) and the estate’s grounds (1200 people for a cocktail party – exhibition of vehicles possible). 
Free parking

1 Place Henri Barbusse - 69009 Lyon
T +33 (0)6 20 68 19 12
T +33 (0)4 72 42 20 00 (Musée Jean Couty)

Groupama Stadium

"Grand and magical"
Joël Arandel, Marketing Director for France at Point S (a network of vehicle service centres), chose Parc OL for the company’s 45th anniversary celebration, which bought together more than 500 guests.

“We built the day around the theme of the 2016 UEFA cup, with a mixture of working sessions and leisure activities from midday to 2 am.
With its various spaces, Parc OL offered the advantage of being able to hold all our activities in a single place.”

This major event included four central highlights: a partner trade show (50 stands) and business market place.

Then, starting at 6.30 pm on the plaza, guests were treated to a spectacular awards ceremony, followed by a cocktail party for the annual sales challenge: 100 courtesy vehicles were exhibited and personally presented on Parc OL’s main plaza. Later, guests made their way to the “Club des Cents” for a gala evening (including a seated dinner, a stand-up show with Marc-Antoine Le Bret, a UEFA predictions competition, a demonstration by Olympique Lyonnais players and more), followed by a DJ set for those who still had some energy left! 

Groupama Stadium : All-inclusive services for 20 to 800 people, with 8000 m² of modular show space,
the Bocuse Brasserie,
a 300-seater auditorium,
free car parks and,
last but definitely not least, a 60,000-seater stadium.

Groupama Stadium
10 Avenue Simone Veil - 69150 Décines-Charpieu
T +33 (0)4 81 07 46 88

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