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Laurent Gerra
Le Théâtre des Célestins
La Halle Tony Garnier
Rue des Marronniers
Pléthore & Balthazar
Musée des Miniatures
Institut Lumière - Hangar du 1er Film
Le saucisson brioché de Gast aux Halles
L'Auditorium de Lyon
La statue Rhône et Saône
Laurent Gerra © S. Kossmann
Le Théâtre des Célestins © Nicolas Villon
La Halle Tony Garnier © Halle Tony Garnier
Terrasse rue des Marronniers © Nicolas Villon
Pléthore & Balthazar © Nicolas Villon
Musée des Miniatures © Dan Ohlmann
Institut Lumière - Hangar du 1er Film © Collection de l'Institut Lumière - Photo Alain Guillemaud
Le saucisson brioché de Gast aux Halles © Nicolas Villon
L'Auditorium de Lyon © Niko Rodamel
La statue Rhône et Saône © Nicolas Villon

Laurent Gerra : in Lyon, I am happy

As the birthplace of his acting career, Lyon holds a special place in Laurent Gerra’s life...

A true epicurean and a big fan of this city which he finds “reinvigorating,” Laurent talks about the feelings and memories he associates with Lyon, as well as a few of his favourite spots. He is now on a nationwide tour and his new show will be coming to Lyon, at Halle Tony Garnier.

What early memories do you have of coming to Lyon?

Well, I came from Bourg-en-Bresse, and, for me, Lyon really was “the big city”. I remember being amazed as a child by the December 8th illuminations, which are now known as the  F ête des Lumières  (F estival of Lights ) .

In the 1980s, I moved to Lyon to pursue my studies and it was there that I began my acting career, at a café-theatre called L’Accessoire. I then started doing shows at some of the bigger venues, such as Salle Rameau, Bourse du Travail, Théâtre Antique de Fourvière, and now, of course, Halle Tony Garnier.

I’m also delighted to have had the opportunity to be among the last comedians booked at u Théâtre des Célestins .

Which are your favourite spots and places you like to go for a stroll when you come back to Lyon?

I love strolling through Lyon, particularly around  Old Lyon  and Saint Paul, as well as Place Bellecour , and rue Edouard Herriot. . I also really like the sculpture ‘Le Rhône et La Saône’ in front of  Palais de la Bourse . Lyon's bouchons restaurants on Rue des Marronniers are an absolute must, as well as  Halles Paul Bocuse : I always go there to bring back a sausage in brioche from Gast, the delicatessen.

Lyon definitely has its own identity in terms of food.

You like returning to Lyon often. Which events do you enjoy here?

I have a busy work schedule, but I try to come to Lyon once a month. I’m a real film buff, so I like going to the  Festival Lumière , of course; the “Rencontres Sport, Littérature & Cinéma” event in particular is great, and the ciné-concerts at the  Auditorium

Lyon is a city where I can recharge my batteries, and the two rivers are a great source of energy.

My Only Lyon

Théâtre des Célestins
“I was lucky enough to be able to perform at this theatre before it turned its focus exclusively to theatrical productions. A great memory and definitely something I’m proud of.”

The Halle Tony Garnier
"I’m lucky to have an opportunity to perform at  Halle Tony Garnier , and I’m also lucky to have many friends who perform there too. A great show, followed by a great restaurant – what could be better?!"

Rue des Marronniers
“A lot of my favourite restaurants are on this street, in particular Chez M’man, L’Atelier d’Yvonne and Le Bouchon des Carnivores.”

Pléthore & Balthazar
“A little over a year ago, I invested in  Pléthore & Balthazar  along with a few other passionate locals. The interior décor there is stunning and it also boasts a superb selection of wines.”

Musée des Miniatures
“Le Musée des Miniatures  is an amazing place, right in the heart of Old Lyon.”

The Institut Lumière
“An essential place for all  film  lovers I like meeting up there with Thierry Fremaux and Bertrand Tavernier whenever I can.”

The Gast's "saucisson brioché" at the Halles
“The Halles de Lyon is an absolute must to bring back some pistachio sausage and sausage in brioche in my luggage.”

“The ciné-concerts at Lyon’s Auditorium are fantastic and I go to see them whenever I can.”

The Rhône & Saône statue in front of Palais de la Bourse
“I never miss an opportunity to show this amazing sculpture to my friends when they visit Lyon.”

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