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La Sucrière - Dîner de gala © Nicolas Rodet
La Sucrière - Dîner de gala © © Nicolas Rodet

La Sucrière, Art & Events: a recipe for success

This is a venue like no other. Firstly, because of its history: a former warehouse used to store sugar dating from the 1930s. 

It has kept this marked industrial spirit, with a modernity unparalleled in the surrounding area.

Then there is the diversity of events held here, ranging from a «fashion show» held alongside an exhibition of French military uniforms, or a gala dinner for 1500 guests, such as the one being held next January for the 30th anniversary of the Bocuse d’Or competition.

La Sucrière has a soul.
Its personality has two sides: spaces reserved for events and a platform devoted to contemporary art and cultural exhibitions. This ambivalence means that it hosts very different events, which have included the world press launch of the Citroën C3, the 80th anniversary celebration of the Toques Blanches, the Biennial Contemporary Art Festival, the Star Wars exhibition and the Printemps des Docks.

Stay tuned to find out what’s happening next.

Two event areas

  • L’Espace 1930: A large 1700 m² room on the ground floor overlooked by a 1100 m² mezzanine.
  • L’Espace 1960: A 600 m² room on the ground floor, 1 exhibition area.
  • 1700 m² on the second floor, exclusively devoted to artistic and cultural events.

La Sucrière
Quai Rambaud - 69002 Lyon - France
T +33 (0)4 27 82 69 40

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