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L'Embarcadère version 2.0 - © G. Perret
L'Embarcadère version 2.0 © © G. Perret

L’Embarcadère version 2.0 has arrived

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A former barge-renovation workshop transformed into an event venue... 

A former barge-renovation workshop transformed into an event venue in the 1990s, L’Embarcadère has just been given a complete overhaul after three months of major works. Open again since early September 2015, this bigger, renovated version now has a huge 150 sq. m terrace overlooking the river, and two new rooms by the banks of the river Saône, bringing total capacity up to 700 people (compared with 550 before).
These upgrades have opened up new possibilities for use of the venue on both floors, with the ‘Espace Dock’ (600 people) and ‘Rez de Saône’ (100 people).

Each area has its own entrance and independent catering space, so the team can hold two events at the venue simultaneously.

All types of events can be held in this freshly renovated venue, including seminars, workshops, trade shows, cocktail gatherings, press conferences, fashion shows, etc.

L’Embarcadère boasts a beautiful location by the river’s edge and eye-catching architecture; what’s more, the venue is managed with a smile and good humour by Pauline, Lucie and Solène, who work hard to establish a close working relationship with clients.

© G. Perret

13 bis quai Rambaud - 69002 Lyon
T +33 (0)4 78 37 41 57

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