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Jean-Michel Aulas
Match at the Grand Stade
The Grand Stade - Venue for private events
The Grand Stade - The 250-seater restaurant
Match at the Grand Stade © Architect: Populous - Photo non contractuelle
The Grand Stade - Venue for private events © Architect: Populous - photo non contractuelle
The Grand Stade - The 250-seater restaurant © Architect: Populous - Photo non contractuelle

Jean-Michel Aulas and the Grand Stade

Chairman of Olympique Lyonnais and CEO of OL Groupe

The Grand Stade: a concentration of innovation that's unique in France, and a complete sports and leisures centre on the outskirts of  Lyon... 

More than a stadium, this is a multifaceted complex. Could you explain the idea behind it and describe its ambitions?

First and foremost, there is a 58,000 seater stadium, which is among the most technologically advanced and fully connected.

We’ve innovated in terms of reception facilities, with “365-day-a-year boxes” which give partners an opportunity to see all the matches, shows and concerts, and use their box as a second office on a daily basis.

Companies are also able to organise their seminars in the stadium, which has an auditorium for this purpose.

Right next to the stadium, there’s a training camp for the men’s and women’s professional teams, with six pitches, including one covered pitch, and an “honour pitch” with 2000 seats, where the women’s team and CFA (French amateur league) team will play.

The Parc Olympique Lyonnais will also be home to Olympique Lyonnais’ headquarters.

  • A hotel centre, for which we received the building permit several months ago, and which will carry the name of a major international chain.
  • A medical centre which will be an outpatient sports treatment establishment.
  • An athletic rehabilitation and fitness centre, as well as a fitness club for the general public.
  • A leisure centre offering a variety of attractions, such as electric karting, a five-a-side football centre, a games simulator centre, a squash and badminton centre and a bowling alley.
  • Office buildings.

We estimate that we will be able to welcome nearly four million visitors per year at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais. It is, therefore, not just a stadium for the Olympique Lyonnais team, but a comprehensive centre of attraction.

Do you already have a precise vision or plan for what will happen here after Euro 2016?

So, in addition to Olympique Lyonnais football matches, the first international event has been Euro 2016, with six matches being played here. We are working on other major events for the months and years following Euro 2016. The Grand Stade enables us to attract many national and international events, which have not been held in Lyon so far.

There will, of course, be big international concerts and I can reveal that we are currently working on hosting a concert by a big-name female star at the Grand Stade as part of the Euro 2016 competition. Elsewhere, international football and rugby matches will be held at our stadium, as well as more offbeat sports events. We are also in contact with regional rugby clubs, including the LOU for their Top 14 encounters.

In addition, we received confirmation a few days ago that the Grand Stade will have the enormous pride of hosting the opening match and final of the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

Lastly, we also hope to be involved in France’s bid to host matches for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympics... 

The Grand Stade is also available for corporate events, adding to Lyon’s event venues. What is the Grand Stade’s positioning in this area? How will it stand out from the rest?

More than a stadium, the Parc Olympique Lyonnais provides companies with a fully integrated range of services and facilities. We offer a broad range of event solutions, both during matches and otherwise, with facilities designed specifically for incentive events and representing companies.

For all their events, companies have access to a 300-seater auditorium, 4 events boxes, 8000 sq. m of reception space with a view over the pitch and the 365-daya-year boxes, which offer companies their own private space all year round. The leisure centre will host team-building activities, and company employees will also be able to train with one of our professional teams, followed by a signing session. The comprehensive offering will be completed by hotel accommodation and a brasserie-style restaurant.

Lastly, I would add that all these corporate events will take place in a unique and magical setting, with a strong sense of sporting values and teamwork.

Is it possible to discuss the naming of the stadium at this stage?

We are currently holding talks with a number of French and International groups. We are looking for a name that is consistent with the biggest stadiums in Europe. Our naming is unique and ambitious. We believe that being associated with Europe’s most attractive and connected stadium is a major benefit.


The Grand Stade, in few figures…

  • 58215 seats
  • 105 boxes
  • 6000 VIP seats
  • A 45 ha park
  • 8000 sq.m of reception space
  • 250 seats in a high-end brasserie-style restaurant.
  • 35 events per year
  • Open 365 days a year

 An ultraconnected stadium

  • 25000 simultaneous wifi connections
  • 300 connected IPTV screens
  • 120 multimedia access points
  • 350 connected ands interactive retail outlets
  • 2 giant screens

6 EURO 2016 matches played at the Grand Stade

  • 13.06.16 - 21:00
  • 16.06.016 - 18:00
  • 19.06.16 - 21:00
  • 22.06.16 - 18:00
  • 26.06.16 - 15:00 – Round of the 16 knockout matches
  • 06.07.16 - 21:00 – Semi Final
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