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I-Scape - Qui a tué l'agent Tara Monroe ? © I-Way
I-Scape - Qui a tué l'agent Tara Monroe ? © © I-Way

I-Scape - 1 hour, 1 team, 1 mission

Lyon’s little secrets

Boasting 8 years’ experience in the world of thrilling leisure activities (Formula 1 simulators, rallies, endurance prototypes and fighter planes), I-Way is innovating yet again and by unveiling the largest Escape Room centre in Lyon.

This entertaining real-life situation roleplay concept can accommodate 42 people simultaneously (groups of 3 to 6 participants) for a 60-minute challenge.

Players are required to find clues, then combine those clues to solve different mysteries in order to get out of the room in the allotted time.

3 scenarios are available to meet the tastes of as many people as possible: escape from a high security prison, the «cyber break-in» of the century, and a Cluedo-type investigation to discover who killed Tara Monroe.

Total immersion will be ensured by the hyperrealistic scenery, but a game master will also be on hand to help if you get stuck.

An escape room adventure is the ideal way to end a seminar, and a great way of taking up a challenge as part of a team and sharing your experience of captivity during the debriefing session.


I-Scape By I-Way

7 escape rooms (total of 300 m²)
5 seminar rooms (25 to 150 people)
Space for private hire (sit-down meal: 350 people / standing: 800)

4 rue Jean Marcuit - 69009 Lyon
T : +33 (0)4 37 50 28 70

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