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Bière au Smoking Dog © Nicolas Villon
Ninkasi Gerland
La Brasserie Georges © Nicolas Villon
Bière au Smoking Dog © Nicolas Villon
Ninkasi Gerland © Ninkasi
La Brasserie Georges © Nicolas Villon

Have a drink before calling it a night

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You’d be hard pushed to find a region or country that doesn’t produce its own beer. Lyon is no exception.
A number of beers are produced here, including those made by the breweries Ninkasi, Monts d’Or and the famous Brasserie Georges.

Beer – a beverage that’s loved around the world and a magnificent way to unwind after a hard day. Follow the guide!


A local brewery that’s become an institution. Ninkasi’s beers are brewed just 20 kilometres or so from Lyon.
You can also visit the brewery to find out all about the ingredients and production processes used.

But if you’re just interested in tasting it, then head for the Ninkasi in Gerland, where you can enjoy a concert in a friendly atmosphere and satisfy your appetite with a tasty burger.

Ninkasi Gerland
267 Rue Marcel Mérieux - 69007 Lyon
T +33 (0)4 72 76 89 00
Visit  to find out about other Ninkasi bars in and around Lyon

Brasserie Georges

The water in Lyon is particularly well suited to the production of beer. A young man from Alsace discovered this fact in 1836. He created the famous Brasserie Georges, a stunning Empire-epoch building which was redecorated in the early 20th-century in an Art Deco style, and which attracts thousands of curious new customers every year.

People come here to try the sauerkraut, seafood, fish and brasserie-style dishes.

Don’t forget to taste the beer – La Georges – which is brewed right in front of customers!

Brasserie Georges

Private hire: The main dining room has capacity for 550 guests,
while the private lounges can accommodate 100 and 30 guests respectively.

30 Cours de Verdun Perrache - 69002 Lyon
T +33 (0)4 72 56 54 54

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