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Halle Girard - Sud Atrium © Vurpas Architectes
Halle Girard © Vurpas Architectes

Halle Girard


Future home for digital and creative communities, as well as standout events...

It’s opening is expected in 2018, but it is already firmly established in people’s minds. Halle Girard, which will be given its definitive name in the coming months, will be one of the first iconic buildings of the second phase of urban development in Confluence.

The building, which will be preserving its industrial style, is set to become a factory of innovative startups: a place where digital players can find a home and support. You could call it a hub of entrepreneurship.

A large part of this 4000 m² space will be devoted to hosting and accelerating startups, collaborative working and open innovation. 1000 m² will be devoted to events. Three seminar and meeting rooms, a large space beneath the nave, measuring 14 m² in height, and featuring a wood and metal interior, as well as huge bay windows opening out onto a covered terrace. Many types of layout are possible and your imagination is the only limit.

The ambition is clear: to host experimental and alternative events of a wholly new kind. So get brainstorming, and see you at the eagerly awaited opening!

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