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Grégory Cuilleron
Bouchon "Chez Abel"
Place Sathonay - partie de pétanque
Le Jardin du Musée des Beaux-Arts
Fête des Lumières - L'Hôtel de Ville
Le Marché Saint-Antoine
La Chocolaterie à la Croix-Rousse
Boucherie Marc Faucie à Lyon
© Virginie de Galzain
La salle du Café-comptoir Chez Abel © Marie Perrin
Le Jardin du Musée des Beaux-Arts © Tristan Deschamps
Fête des Lumières - L'Hôtel de Ville © Marie Perrin
Le Marché Saint-Antoine à Lyon © Nicolas Villion
La Chocolaterie de Sébastien Bouillet à la Croix-Rousse ©
Boulettes de viande de la Boucherie Marc Faucie à Lyon © Nicolas Villion

Grégory Cuilleron, My Only Lyon

A passionate cook, Grégory Cuilleron took part in the French TV cooking show Un Dîner Presque Parfait with success in 2009, coming away with the first prize. 

He’s been in the spotlight ever since, and has been particularly busy during the latter part of 2014, with the release of his recipe book Bluffez vos Enfants and the start of filming of the TV show La Tournée des Popotes which will appear on France 5. We met with this Lyon born and bred lover of all things beautiful and tasty!

With an occupation such as yours, you could easily have been drawn away from Lyon. Why did you choose to stay?

I’ve always lived in Lyon; my father’s from Croix-Rousse and my mother’s from Vieux Lyon, so I’m a child of Lyon’s two hills. I travel a lot, but Lyon is my town and I enjoy life here. In geographical terms, we’re between the mountains and the sea and the climate is mild. And when I need to work in Paris, it’s only two hours away!

What do you enjoy most about your city?

It’s an all-round pleasure: Lyon has a laid-back, easy-going nature.

Everything’s accessible on foot, by public transport or bike, even for business meetings. It’s not a stressful city and life here is very comfortable..

What are your best childhood memories?

I used to go on walks with my grandfather a lot. He often took me to the city’s parks, in particular the one at Place Maréchal Lyautey and the small garden at the Gallo-Roman Museum.

How about food memories?

Bugnes (fried dough strips sprinkled with sugar) and the ambassadeur (a sponge cake with pastry cream and candied fruits) made by the pastry cook in the St Georges district, Bernard Corret. The pastry shop is still there, but the ambassadeur is no longer...

Where do you take friends when they come to visit you here?

I love showing off Lyon, especially to Parisians, and taking them around Vieux Lyon, which is my favourite part of town. I usually take them for dinner at one of Lyon’s bouchons and then for a drink in a cocktail bar, of which there are some very good ones in Lyon. Then there’s the Brasserie Georges, which is unmissable!

The Festival of Lights

"The 8th December is Lyon’s event par excellence.
I’m really attached to the Festival of Lights’ traditional side, with all the candles in the windows."

Lyon’s parks and gardens

"I used to go on walks with my grandfather a lot. He often took me to the city’s parks."

Chez Abel

"Chez Abel, the oldest bouchon still going in Lyon. Their chicken with morel mushrooms is incredible and their chocolate fondant is simply the best I’ve ever eaten."

Sébastien Bouillet’ s Chocolate Shop

"On the plateau of Croix-Rousse hill, the chocolate shop owned by Sébastien Bouillet is magical, like something out of a Roald Dahl novel."

Marc Faucie’s butchery

"Marc Fauci, in St Jean has delicious matured meats, excellent meatballs and the best hanger steak."

The Oreiller de la Belle Aurore

"If you’ve never heard of ‘Oreiller de la Belle Aurore’ then ask for it at the delicatessen Reynon, but only during the Christmas season. There are only a few dozen each year (but they weigh 32 kg each). Inside there’s quail, pigeon, ringdove, partridge, grouse, Bresse chicken, Mulard duck, pheasant, mallard, hare, wild rabbit, deer, doe, wild boar, foie gras, calf sweetbread, truffles... "

Saint-Antoine Market

"I love buying beautiful fresh produce, and Saint Antoine market is one of my favourite places to go."

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