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Ceviche végétarien, Adrian Bourgeais, chef du Restaurant Apiales © Loïs Moreno Photography
Dealer de Cook © Dealer de Cook, Collaboration Kesadi
Trop Chou © Nicolas Villon
My Petite Factory ©
Dessert meringué de Piece of Cake © Piece of Cake
Restaraurant la Forêt Noire © Studio Erick Saillet
Dessert du Kitchen Café © Nicolas Villon
Ceviche végétarien, Adrian Bourgeais, chef du Restaurant Apiales © © Loïs Moreno Photography
Dealer de Cook ©
Trop Chou © © Nicolas Villon
My Petite Factory © © My Petite Factory
Dessert meringué de Piece of Cake © © Piece of Cake
La Forêt Noire restaurant © © Studio Erick Saillet
Dessert du Kitchen Café © © Nicolas Villon

Events with taste

Gourmet Lyon

They are young, inventive, travel lovers and talented. Meet a bold new generation of chefs ready to reinvent conventional catering rules and shake up the established order. Tasty morsels that you can also feast on with your eyes.

Dealer de Cook

A great deal for events
Rémi and Jean Victor share a passion for world street food. With Asian, American and Indian influences, they reinvent, reroute and reinterpret the conventional rules of catering.

They prepare bite-sized morsels that are packed with flavour and visually stunning. Their tailored services are available for group artistic happenings (production of a fresco and creation of a signature dish) and participative fast-cooking workshops.

They have brought together a superb team of “Dealers” (including an oenologist, barista, chocolate maker and cheese maker) who will be happy to share their know-how with specially designed activities.

Dealer de Cook
Service for up to 200 people.

49 rue Barthélemy Buyer - 69005 Lyon
T +33 (0)6 63 78 78 72

Trop Chou

Charming and Fun
Virginie is a creative soul (she is a fine arts graduate) and fan of Wes Anderson’s slick visual style (and in particular the “Courtesan au Chocolat” which inspired her). In 2014, she launched the Trop Chou concept.

With her aqua green Piaggio three-wheeler, she created a buzz at markets and opened a choux pastry bar in Lyon’s 6th district (the lounge can be hired for private functions for up to 15 guests). Virginie also caters for events with her food truck and can delight up to 400 guests.

An original way to give your event a tasty twist, run participative workshops or hold cake design competitions.

Trop Chou

More than 40 flavours available (28 sweet, 10 savoury and 6 vegetarian).
Customised flavour creations possible.
Locations covered: Lyon and the surrounding area.

3 rue de Sèze - 69006 Lyon
T +33 (0)4 37 24 40 71

My Petite Factory

Delicious Detox
Following in the footsteps of Angèle Ferreux-Maeght (La Guinguette d’Angèle in Paris), Virginie Chabert opened My Petite Factory in Lyon in October 2015. She works with seasonal ingredients and develops culinary creations that are 100% gluten and lactose-free. Her healthy, ethical and resolutely gourmet recipes use only locally-sourced ingredients.

She also provides catering services for events and creates varied menus that combine raw, cooked and organic foods, as well as edible flowers and plenty of smiles.

Savoury (avocado on toast, vegetable caviar, salmon tartar, red lentil parfaits...) and sweet snacks (seasonal crumble, chia seed pudding, fruit skewers…) are available. 

My Petite Factory
Coffee shop - Restaurant - Traiteur
Service provided in Lyon and the surrounding area for up to 150 guests.

17 rue Neuve - 69001 Lyon
T +33 (0)4 78 80 54 56

Piece of Cake

Eat me 
Anne is an exceptional pastry chef who finds inspiration in British and American recipes. She spends her days making cakes to share and biscuits that conjure up childhood memories in her laboratory on Rue d’Aguesseau.
She bakes Madeleine cakes with pistachio paste, cookies, macarons, scones, stunning cinnamon rolls, marble cheesecake with blueberries (or lemon, salted butter caramel, raspberry and vanilla) and various other cakes with a multitude of original flavours.

She puts all of her passion and “craftswomanship” into catering for events, with attractive and delicious assortments that offer a refreshing change from the usual vienoisserie pastries.

Piece of cake
8 rue d’Aguesseau - 69007 Lyon
T +33 (0)4 82 53 00 45

La Forêt Noire

A treat for the eyes and taste buds
Created by Claude Cartier, the plush atmosphere at La Forêt Noire sets the tone and attracts the interest of interior design magazine photographers.
Lying somewhere between cosy restaurant, stylish bistro and dining room, this establishment located to the south-west of Lyon truly has its own personality. Created by C-Gastronomie, a caterer and “culinary artisan”, this new address has much more to offer than just the décor. The food served is flavoursome and particular attention is paid to the quality of the ingredients.

In the evening, the cocktail menu will delight the taste buds of those with a sweet tooth, who may well like to end the evening on a sweet note with the Forêt Noire (Black Forest) – the restaurant’s signature dessert. 

La Forêt Noire
50 m² lounge available for private hire.

1 rue des Troques - 69630 Chaponost
T +33 (0)4 78 45 30 30

Kitchen Café

Small but gourmet

Here you will find a short lunch menu with seasonal produce and suggestions according to the Chef ’s inspirations. Above all, you will find a gourmet establishment that pursues a single ambition from breakfast to afternoon tea: to make the most delicious plated desserts you’ll ever have the pleasure to eat. Le Kitchen Café is run by Connie and Laurent.

They are lovers. Lovers of local (and organic, if possible) produce, subtly blended flavours and plates with a “wow effect” (there is something exuberant about their presentations).
Lastly, they are gourmets who generously share their passion, even with those who only have time to stop for one of their delicious cinnamon brioches… A little Scandinavian touch – perhaps a tip of the hat to Connie’s Swedish ancestry?

Le Kitchen Café
Capacity: 19 seats indoors, 21 seats on the terrace

34 rue Chevreul - 69007 Lyon
T +33 (0)6 03 36 42 75

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