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La longue Traboule dans le Vieux-Lyon
La Passerelle Saint Vincent
Tête de lion, détail du portail de la basilique de Fourvière © Philippe Rouyer
Quais de Saône à Lyon © Dominic Fusina
Affiche Lyon Europe's leading city break destination © Alex Asfour
Tête de lion, détail du portail de la basilique de Fourvière © Philippe Rouyer
Quais de Saône à Lyon © Dominic Fusina
Affiche Lyon Europe's leading city break destination, Alex Asfour © © Alex Asfour


Tourism News

New website for visitors to Lyon, new guided tours, an international trophy... Lyon's tourism is so dynamic!

New website for visitors to Lyon

Since the 12th of July, the new website offers visitors an ultra-simplified and highly intuitive booking experience.

It features a new ergonomic design and a datebased search function that provides users with all available guided tours from a catalogue of 28 references. Users then simply select the tour of their choice and proceed to the online checkout. If a guided tour is not available on the date selected, the website suggests either another date on which it is available or a different tour on the same date.
Added feature: comments and opinions given by customers who share their visit experiences.

For groups, a dedicated page is provided with a booking request form in a wide range of nine languages (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Danish and Japanese).
It is possible to book tailored group visits (30 persons maximum) ranging from two-hours to a whole day.

The tour guide office also offers a range of à la carte reception services, including airport assistance, guided transfers (on foot, by bus, boat, etc.), and conferences.

Visiter Lyon

Guided tour 1 : The Renaissance at every turn

The 16th century as if you were there...
Fun and interactive, the new guided tour “La Renaissance dans tous les sens” (The Renaissance at every turn) is specially designed for groups, with capacity for up to five teams of five people each.

This two-hour city tour (which takes visitors from the Vieux Lyon to Presqu'île districts) is dotted with riddles to solve, olfactory stimulation, blind tasting and role playing games. Participants use all of their senses to experience the traditions and habits of the folk of 16th-century Lyon.
A fun and participative way to make this essential guided tour an experience, in every sense of the word.

Visiter Lyon

Guided tour 2 : Crimes big and small

This tour was created by guides from the Tourist Office.
It takes visitors on a journey beginning in the 14th century and ending in present times, following the tracks of shady local characters who have earned a reputation for their misdeeds and crimes.

In addition to the Gang des Lyonnais, founded by Jean Augé, and the assassinations of President Sadi Carnot and Judge Renaud, this unusual tour also throws light on the career of Edmond Locard (founder of the first forensics lab in the world in 1910) and the history of Interpol’s presence in Lyon.

There would be no great policeman without great criminals!

Duration 2 hrs. Groups of up to 25 people.

Visiter Lyon

World Travel Awards 2016

Lyon voted best European weekend destination

With gastronomy in its DNA, Lyon remains the city break destination to enjoy the inimitable French art of living.

The city also boasts 2000 years of history (revealed by enthusiastic guides), 500 hectares of UNESCO world heritage sites, the recently opened Confluences Museum, a rich and constantly evolving range of cultural attractions (including music, dance, the Lumière Festival, Biennial Contemporary Art Festival and more) and easy accessibility (21 additional flight connections since summer 2016).

A city of both substance and beauty that appeals to globe-trotting gourmets, couples, families and business travellers looking to extend their stay. This award goes to all of Lyon’s tourism industry professionals, who work with imagination and determination to promote the destination’s attractiveness.

This enthusiasm is shared and spread far and wide by the 23,000 OnlyLyon ambassadors located throughout the world.

This is an encouraging and unifying success that consolidates Lyon’s outward looking mindset and is a source of satisfaction for the hospitality industry as a whole.


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