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Confluence © Henri Granjean
Confluence - Le Cube Orange - Jakob  McFarlane
Confluence © Henri Granjean
Confluence - Le Cube Orange © Brice Robert - - Jakob McFarlane

Confluence, the village


While the Confluence district was initially presented as a bubble of explosive urban development and smart new architecture, it has continued to welcome initiatives (often ambitious) that inject new energy into the area, while creating new spaces, jobs, leisure activities and synergies.

New players drawn to the area through emulation are creating a lively local scene. We take a look at the new "South Village".

Confluence - From district to destination

Confluence continues to grow. While the orange building designed by Jakob + McFarlane, made the front pages of the tabloids (and it is not the only one), it is being joined by neighbours with equally strong identities.

But beyond its architectural dimension, and its (very) environmentally friendly design, it has been surprisingly successful in socio-economic terms. Far from the clichés of new towns and districts, Confluence is becoming a destination in its own right, inhabited by dynamic and active professionals, who support and amplify the fact that Confluence is full of life.
Concerts, shows, rooftop evening events and great restaurants, as well as hotels and event venues, make this a place where even the wildest projects have a home..

And that’s not all 
While the side facing the river Saône has been developed, the district is expanding toward the river Rhône, with the second phase of urban development. With a commitment to mixed-use development and projects such as Halle Girard (see the following page) pointing the way forward, the collaborative economy is already here!

Navly – the driverless shuttle

It makes no noise and creates no pollution. Watching it move is like watching a magic trick: you wonder how it works. It is a technological gem, an innovation that has been tested since the month of September in Confluence, for the benefit of local workers who are enjoying this oh-so-21st-century transport mode. Fitted with many sensors, Navly transports fifteen or so passengers and does the driving all by itself.
Lyon is the first city in France to open its doors to this all-new transport mode for the general public. Don’t hesitate, give it a try!

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