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Cabane Azium © Azium
Diabolico des Yachts de Lyon
Cabane Azium © Azium
Diabolico des Yachts de Lyon © Les Yachts de Lyon

Cabane Azium VS Diabolico

Compare two original venues for your events at Confluence!

Cabane Azium

La Cabane de Lyon Confluence – little sister of La Cabane de Lyon Ste Foy – is a treehouse with a difference!
At a height of 15 m, perched on top of a leisure facility, it offers a superb view of the climbing wall it overlooks.

More than just a reception venue, its location at the heart of Azium makes it completely original. It becomes a base camp for creative team building. A 15m-high jump, a 2-hour police investigation to become the perfect spy, and immersive games both indoors and throughout the Confluence district.
A single day is not enough to enjoy the constantly evolving range of seminar activities provided by Azium and Cabane.

Accessible for all, from 10 to 1200 people.

Azium Business
Pôle de Commerces et de Loisirs Confluence
112 Cours Charlemagne - 69002 Lyon
T +33 (0)4 78 59 94 60 -



Lyon has a port too.
And, better still, there’s a yacht! Rather than sailing the open seas, it makes its way along the rivers, offering a very pleasant change of scenery.

Aboard the Diabolico, the 11 guests are greeted with a glass of champagne*. Then it’s time to find your seats.

A tour of the city or VIP transfer? This 14 m yacht is the perfect vessel. As soon as you step onto the bridge, you can switch off and relax, or head to the indoor lounge to negociate a contract away from prying eyes… Because the Diabolico tends to turn heads!

*Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health.

Capacity: 11 passengers + captain / 21 boarding docks available

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